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How can you use under eye gel pads and what are the best ways to apply ?

Under Eye gel pads help rejuvenate your face and will help with dark circles, fine lines, puffy eyes, and wrinkles. Under eye gel pads include collagen which is very good for your skin. Collagen helps strengthen skin structure and helps with the anti-aging benefits.

It is best to use the under eye patches before you go to bed, when you wake up in the morning, before applying makeup, when you have tired eyes due to a lack of sleep or hangover. If you apply them before bed all the moisture will soak up while you’re sleeping and help with your puffy under eyes.

When you apply them before makeup, they make sure to keep your skin clean and ready for the makeup that is going to be applied over it. They can also make your makeup application way more sufficient. Under eye gel pads are very important when you have puffy or tired eyes due to a lack of sleep or hangover. They depuff your under eyes and make them more hydrated and refreshed. And they only take about 30 minutes a day to make them fully rejuvenated and feel more clean. Overall, they help cool the skin and decrease inflammation. To get your best results, double the hydration by applying an eye serum before applying the eye mask. Make sure you apply the masks right under the natural bone structure. You can put the eye mask in the fridge because it adds many benefits including a reduction of swelling and dark rings. Cold eye masks also restrict blood vessels around the eyes which makes your eyes less dark. Cold eye masks also could help with allergies, insomnia, or a medical condition.  Some good times you can use these eye masks are during a long flight to restrain puffiness, before big events like weddings or just a fun night out with your friends!

Our under eye  pads fills with tons of hydrating nutrients,lots of Hyaluronic acid,they are great for plumping anti aging

Comments  from our clients:

Also another tip right before you remove the eye mask. If you have the sonic awakening eye massager or any eye massager go over it for 30 sec to a min so it can really penetrate more!!!! I PERSONALLY do this and I love how my under eyes look!!
Also for double amount of hydration you can apply your eye serum and double up all the help you can get!!!

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