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Nothing can be more devastating than seeing a tired, old woman when you look into the mirror. The eye bags and dark circles on your eyes are an indication that you need to take care of yourself more than before. It should be mentioned, however, that having regular full night sleep is not enough to remove
dark circles and eye bags; you should try dark circles and wrinkles under eyes home remedies for best and quick results.
Under Eye Mask for Dark Circles
If  you have eye bags and dark circles under your eyes, under eye collagen mask or anti aging eye mask is one of the best solutions you can lay your hands on. Gold eye pads or under eye collagen mask removes
harmful toxins and while providing deep hydration to the under eye areas. Consequently, fine lines and eye puffiness will be reduced instantly and the user will feel rejuvenated.
Under eye mask is one of the best dark circles and wrinkles under eyes home remedies. Get rid of eye
bags by stimulating and regenerating the skin cells in the eye area using a collagen hydrogel under eye patch or hydrating eye patches.

What Causes Eye Bags
Quite a large number of people have wondered why they experienced dark circles and eye bags. Here
are some of the causes of eye bags.
1. Genetics: If you are fair or thin-skinned, especially under the eyes, you are most likely to have black
circles or eye bags because blood pools on the under eye area possibly because of reduced circulation
due to lack of (adequate) sleep. As a result, the fragile capillaries leak or stretch.
2. Aging: As you grow older, the skin loses collagen and thin, which makes the veins to become more
visible. Loss of collagen is usually aggravated by sunbathing.
3. Allergies: Some people are allergic to certain foods, which cause their blood vessels to be inflamed
and swollen.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Dark Circles
Besides under eye collagen mask or collagen hydrogel under eye patch, here are the home remedies for dark circles around eyes.
1. Cucumber
Cucumber has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce eye puffiness. Get two slices of
fresh refrigerated cucumber and place each of them on your eyes for about 25 minutes. It will create a
cooling and soothing effect as you relax as the time lapses.
2. Potato
Refrigerate a raw potato for some minutes. Slice it into two and place those halves on your closed eyes.
Ensure that the potato covers the puffed areas and leave it for about 20 minutes. Eye bags will reduce
3. Ice Water and Spoons
Get a glass of ice water and four stainless steel spoons. Place the spoons in the ice water and allow them
to chill. Place a spoon over each eye and switch them as the spoons chill in the glass of water. Continue
with the process until you see improvements.
4. Chilled Tea Bags
Put two tea bags in cold water and refrigerate for a few minutes. Lie down and place them over your
eyes for about 30 minutes. Wash your eyes and face with cold water.
5. Hydrate
Drink a glass of water anytime your eyes get puffy; it will reduce the puffiness.
Eye Pads for Puffy Eyes

An alternative to the dark circles and wrinkles under eyes home remedies is the eye pads for puffy eyes or under eye collagen mask. The pads are specially made to provide an instant remedy for dark circles
around eyes. Collagen hydrogel under eye patch is convenient and affordable. You can use the under
eye collagen mask without hassles. Get gold eye pads; they are also referred to as hydrating eye
Get rid of black circles and eye bags today using one or more remedies highlighted in this write-up.

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