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Honey and Yougort Mask

Young journalists club: Your skin and hair are normally the first to be considered by others, and so many people are particularly interested in their health.

Yogurt and honey are good for personal care. They together can bring amazing benefits over a short period of time.

Skin and hair damage can occur due to several factors. The fact that the skin is dry, oily, combination or normal can be caused by environmental conditions such as hot or cold temperatures, wind, sun, or excessive use. The limit for cleaner products is depleted and damaged.

The outer layers of the epidermis play an important role in combating these factors, but as age grows, they can not provide the same level of performance as the past. Your skin is exposed to dryness due to its ability to keep water intact. As a result, wrinkles appear.

Your hair can also be damaged due to inappropriate habits of combs, overuse of chemical products, high temperatures, excessive use of stubborn products, excessive washing, or excessive pulling downwards.

Your skin and hair are normally the first to be considered by others, and so many people are particularly interested in their health. Nutrition plays an important role for both of them.

Our benefits

Yogurt is one of the nutritious nutrients for the human body. This product helps improve digestive function and immune system. Also, you can use yoghurt as a great product and a great choice for skin and hair.

Yogurt contains vitamins B6 and B12, minerals such as zinc, calcium and magnesium, and lactic acid, which are essential for feeding hair follicles.

Yogurt can also significantly improve the condition of your skin.

Thanks to antibacterial properties, yogurt helps fight acne.

Lactic acid in yogurt soothes and relieves itching and softens the skin, as it slow down the aging process.

Yogurt helps to hydrate the skin and makes it soft.

Also, yogurt can help improve hair condition.

Yogurt makes the hair softer and brighter.

This product strengthens hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Yogurt helps treat dandruff.

This nutrient also reduces the amount of hair.

Benefits Of Honey

Enhance skin and hair with masks of yogurt and honey

Thanks to its nutrients and its anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties, honey protects your hair from dandruff and brings more shine.

It also enhances hair growth and creatine production, resulting in less intense hair growth. Antioxidant properties of honey delay the appearance of white hair blisters.

Honey is also very useful for human skin and is one of the most consuming ingredients in many cosmetic products.

The natural vitamins and enzymes in honey make it a powerful product for skin care.

Honey nourishes and hydrates the skin well and helps to rejuvenate it.

Yogurt mask and honey for hair

This mask strengthens and repair hair from root to tip.


2 tbsp honey (50 g)

Half a cup of yogurt (100 g)

If necessary, you can double the values. It depends on your hair.

Preparation and use method:

Combine all ingredients together to form a thick and thick texture.

Apply this combination from the roots to the ends of the hair curlers and make sure all the hair curls are coated.

Massage the scalp using circular movements to gain more benefits.

Let the mixture stay on your head for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse with a gentle shampoo.

Do this once a week.

Yogurt mask and honey for skin


2 tbsp honey (50 g)

A quarter cup of yogurt (50 g)

Preparation and use method:

Combine ingredients to form a homogeneous tissue.

Put this compound on low heat until it boils.

Then, let cool for 15 to 20 minutes.

When the temperature is suitable for use, apply a mask with a gentle massage on your face. Allow the mask to stay on the face for half an hour. Then wash your face.

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